Maya is not Evil

Maya is not the devil. She is not hunting you or persecuting you. You are not the victim, you are the perpetrator and you are the beneficiary. There is no “Satan vs. God” paradigm, please stop imposing Christian world-views on Bhāgavata Dharma. There is no evil super villain who is going to eat your soul if you don’t get protection from the great big superhero in the sky. No one is after you. No one is out to get you. Give up on these childish nightmares. Give up the teddy bears and security blankets. You are the ultimate cause of your predicament, and no one but you are the ultimate root of your enlightenment.

Maya is compassionate and kind, you are the one who refuses to even play by the one and only rule she enforces: “share” that’s why she spanks you and you are the child feeling anger over getting spanked for doing something very wrong.

This video is an excerpt of a class session from an online course called “God, Consciousness, & Reality” in which we are discussing Śrī Jīva Goswāmī’s analysis of Vyāsa’s samādhī. Because the topic is so important, and misunderstanding of Māyā is so widespread and deeply rooted today, I decided to make the video available on YouTube, etc.

Please watch it carefully and patiently. Jīva Goswāmī’s revelation of the Bhāgavatam will revolutionize your outlook on life.

Vraja Kishor das (



  1. Great discussion!
    One interesting sidenote: Garuda dasa (Dr. Graham Schweig) explains in this presentation ( how Krsna changes the discussed position towards maya in rasa-lila (SB 10.29.1): Suddenly, no longer she “cannot stand in the path of His vision”. Rather, Krsna takes full shelter of her (yoga-māyām upāśritaḥ)! Does it mean that even Krsna finds it amazing how maya can enchant and fulfill desires?


    1. I reccomend for you to study Sri Jiva Goswami’s analysis of Vyāsa’s samadhi, which he gives in Tattva Sandarbha. He explains that bhakti is yoga-māyā. The function (māyā) of bhakti is to link (yoga) the jīva to Bhagavān. It is different from the other māyā called simply “māyā” – the function of that māyā is to provide an alternate reality for the jīva. He has not changed his position towards maya.


  2. Talking about Maha Maya, does Maha Maya touch the soul? or her influence acts only at the subtle body level?


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