Hi. My name is Vic DiCara (Victor Damien DiCara), and my spiritual name is Vraja Kishor das. Its not hard to find out about me. Google works. Hoping that my posts here will be interesting to people with sincere spiritual interests. I apologize for my audacity at times.



  1. Hi !

    I barely knew 108 last week, i’m a Huge Converge fan, i know deathwish, but stoped here from me about you.

    Then i heard about your band breaking out by reading a note from Robert Fish in some friends’ forum.
    It touched me deeply because i sorta felt the same about a band i was invovled in two years ago;

    Then some friends posted a thread with your last post on this site, and i felt even closer to what you say.
    I’m experiencing big changes in my life, and try to focus on where i come from, on my education from my parents, which was very religious, my education from my friends, and my own eperience; and confront this education with what could be innate.

    I’m too learning japanese and i’m interested in language in general and more specificly history of languages, coming too what makes us human, ending (?) to the reason of our decisions.
    I seems a little confused, but its irronicaly the language (I’m french, i (think i’m) understand english, but have some trouble making myself clear sometimes).

    Anyway, i find your refelxion about life and religion, your articles about japanese (which i think are not interesting because it’s japanese, but for the meaning in general) really interesting.

    I will read 108 lyrics with great interest.
    Thank you.

    PS : I’ll end up by saying that i felt like a little girl dreaming about love. That what i’d like a band to be.

    I’m sure some french people can speak english !


  2. Why did lord Krishna not marry rhada how many wife’s did Krishna have how many sons did Krishna have what was the names of his wife’s was Rhada realy Krishna Aunti why is khrishna blue in skin color


  3. Dear Vraja Kishor Pr,
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his faithful followers.

    I liked your articles about Westernizing Kirtan and Raganuga bhakti. Thanks.

    I have written two papers titled The Draupadi Incident and The Real Dharmaraja. They are posted on my website.

    Here’s the link:


    Kindly read them. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on them.

    Your servant,
    Acintya Caitanya dasa


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