3 Reasons to Study the Gita

1. To Understand Vedic Culture…

If you want to understand Vedic culture, but don’t know how, realizing that studying the Vedas is an impossibly big and difficult ambition – then you should study the Gītā! Vyāsa wrote it especially to condense all the Veda, Upaniṣads and Purāṇas into a bite size, easy to digest cookie.

2. To Understand Yoga…

If you want to understand yoga and know it must be more than just breathing and stretching, (but also what to know what the breathing and stretching part is really all about) – study the Gītā! It succinctly teaches the essence of karma-yoga (the yoga of action), jñāna-yoga (the yoga of consciousness – which includes all the breathing and stretching, and also all the mind-stretching philosophy of the Upaniṣads), and bhakti-yoga (the most popular new trend in modern yoga, and also the most dramatically misunderstood and poorly imitated apex of all Vedic yogas), and shows how all three are integrated into a whole.

3. To Understand Life!

If you want to understand all-important perennial topics like karma, happiness, suffering, the nature of reality, the purpose of life, and the core of who you really are – study the Gītā! It’s interesting to hear everyone’s opinion about these things, and so much more so to hear the viewpoint of the ultimate conscious being, Śrī Krishna, as described by the world’s greatest narrator, editor, and poet: Śrī Vyāsa.

Paramparā! (It’s not “Dogma”)

When you learn Gītā with me, you will be learning it through a genuine, authentic paramparā lineage (Gadādhar Parivar of Rūpānugā Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava Sampradāya), so you’ll be getting a truly authentic, indigenous, native presentation. But don’t think that this means it will be old-fashioned, out-dated, bull-headed, fanatical or dogmatic in the least. Real paramparā brings out the vivid life and relevance of the original text without distorting or compromising its original meaning in the slightest.

When, How?

18 online class sessions, every week, starting Sunday July 9th, from 8:30 ~ 9:30pm Eastern Time.

Classes include the weekly online session (recorded for review or for those who miss class), question and answer discussion via group email, homework questions checked by me, beautiful class notes, and PDF format of the text book: A Simple Gītā (my translation).

Tuition is $220 (adjustments possible if necessary).

To ensure quality student-teacher interactions, I limit the class to 9 students, maximum. A few seats are still available, so contact me ASAP to reserve a seat or inquire.

Enroll here: http://vrajakishor.com/class_gita.php


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