If we are Parts of God, Why are we so Ignorant?

QUESTION: If consciousness stems from the “Ultimate Consciousness”, which is perfectly refined and brilliantly aware, why is our consciousness SO unrefined and SO unaware?

Is our consciousness really so unrefined and unaware?

Even animals, plants, insects, and germs seem to be so acutely aware of what to do and how to do it. Look how well they do their thing! Even the parts of an atom seem to have refinement and awareness.

The only thing we have wrong is what to DO with our refinement and awareness. We don’t know what to do with it because we aren’t aware of the ultimate object and subject: bhagavān.

So, all that we have wrong is a lack of bhagavān. Naturally, lack of bhagavān is not found in bhagavān. This is not an ontological problem, because the non-existence of something coexists with its existence, as per logic. For example, darkness coexists with light, because darkness is defined as the lack of light. It is therefore created by light but is not part of light.

Vraja Kishor



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