Is “Preaching” Kīrtan

Yes it can be.

But also it can be a big lie.

You can say that all your fundraising is for spreading kīrtan – and that’s nice, but at the end of the day how much kīrtan did you have? A half-hour? Two hours? Four hours? So, is that really a “return on investment”? You worked for 12 to have kīrtan for 4 hours, when actually kīrtan is something anyone can do, anytime, anywhere. Just sit down and do it, and save 12 hours.

OK, so yo are busy “spreading kīrtan.”

But, how do you spread fire without fire? People are using water to spread fire and then wondering why nothing burns. For example, they get completely wrapped up building and managing big temples. While building the thing, they have little time and peace of mind for genuine kīrtan. And after it’s done they run off to build a new one, or run around trying to figure out how to pay the bills.

How much kīrtan do they have?

Still just about as much as they would have had anyway, without the big temple, etc. This is because kīrtan isn’t dependent on anything except love. It’s not dependent on venues, performers, instruments, skills, etc.

If you really are a “pure devotee” whose one and only interest is to spread Krishna kīrtan, your best bet is to just sit under a tree and have kīrtan. Take all the time and energy you would put into “preaching” and “planning” and “managing” and spend it under the tree with Krishna. That’s what pure devotees do, satataṁ kīrtanyanto mām yatantaś ca dṛddhā vratā. 

If you are not really a “pure devotee,” that is fine so long as you don’t lie about it and mislead innocent people. Just say, “I can’t give up building things, running things, bossing people around, organizing things, etc.” That’s honest. Meanwhile do as much kīrtan as you can. Saṁkīrtan includes music, discussion and study of Krishna from śāstra.

Vraja Kishor das

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  1. Perfect and timely, thank you. Funny how with all the basic talk of ‘not being our bodies’ we may create an institutional’body’ but neglect to foster the ‘soul’ of Krishna kirtan within it.


  2. Thanks Prabhu ji, for bringing out the Adhikar for Preaching.

    Really, it’s a stuff for the pure devotees and not something like hopping on to the bandwagon.


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