“Ego is Pig Shit” and Indian Culture

प्रतिष्ठः सूकरविष्ठा

pratiṣṭhaḥ sūkara-viṣṭhā

“Ego is Pig Shit”

The roots of our ego are in our homes, homeland, upbringing, culture and religion. Tell anyone that their culture or religion has some good point, and they will think you are wise. Tell anyone that their culture or religion is not so refined or evolved, they will call you a racist, etc. etc.

We love our pig shit.

Don’t insult my pig shit.

Objectively speaking, Vedic culture (with its music, dance, poetry, grammar, sciences, and most importantly, its concept of consciousness, divinity, happiness, and love) is far, far, far more evolved and sophisticated than any other culture ever was or will be. The shattered remenants of it survive in disjointed shards in its old stronghold, India. Even these shattered remenants can often put other cultures to shame.

Tell this to an Indian, they will say you are wise.

Tell it to a Westerner, they will think you are biased.

Vraja Kishor


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  1. I have an interest in many schools of philosophy from around the world and its noteworthy that not one single school of thought has articulated the concept of Jivatma as found in Vedic Philosophy. Even Neo-Platonists who come closest to Hindu philosophy conceive the individual living being as the Psyche or the rational mind. No other philosophical system approaches approaches the clarity & salvific potency of Vedic Philosophy and religion!


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