Soul & Body (Video)

Consciousness is the essence of who and what we are. Consciousness exists without needing to be created, maintained, or destroyed. It expresses itself in various forms, seeking happiness. These forms need to be created, maintained, and destroyed. A specific form manifest from consciousness can die, but the essence of who and what we are never dies.

Is consciousness not even damaged by being stripped of its body? No, the soul is impervious – and is not really woven into the bodies it produces.

After explaining all this to Arjuna, Krishna turns his attention to Arjuna’s doubt, “Why should I believe any of this? Is there any proof that consciousness survives the death of the form it manifests?” In this video we explain the first part of Krishna’s answer, where he references the Upanishads. In the next video we will go into the other part of that answer, a logical answer without reference to the Veda.

Vraja Kishor explains this section of Bhagavad Gita by reading from his book, A Simple Gita, available through his website:


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