Dīkṣā Guru vs. Śikṣā Guru

Question: Is this true, the diksa guru should be your most inspiring, enlightening siksa guru?

I wouldn’t say “should be.” I would say “could be.”

Saying “should be” hangs on to a conception that still belittles the true importance of Śikṣa guru. It’s saying something like, “The best śikṣā guru is promoted to a higher level, a real guru, a dīkṣā guru.”

I don’t see it like that. The śikṣā gurus are the “real” gurus, just like the dīkṣā-guru.

Question: But the idea is that one should ideally not accept diksa from a guru unless that guru’s siksha is prominent in their life, isn’t it?

Not necessarily.

The dīkṣā guru doesn’t have to give significant śikṣā. The dīkṣā guru simply has to accept a disciple into a family of spiritual practitioners and authorize the disciple to represent that family (by wearing its marks, for example, and bearing it’s last-names) and engage in its practices (particularly, it’s mantras).

So, what is important in a dīkṣā guru is (a) that they truly represent the values of the spiritual family, and (b) are accepted universally by that family as being authorized to accept new members.

Vraja Kishor das


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