Appreciation for Prthu

The ancestrals, divinities and philosophers were satisfied and delighted by the king’s speech. All the good people said, “Very good! Very good! Now we know why Vedas speak the truth when they say that parents attain success through their children – the guardian is partially responsible for the deeds of the protected. By your excellent deeds, you are saving your wicked father, Vena, from the darkness of being killed by the curse of philosophers. It is like Hiraṇyakaśupu, who entered the darkness because of hating the All-Attractive, was saved by the effect of his connection to Prahlāda, his son.”

Then they blessed the king, “You are the greatest hero, just like a father for the entire earth. May the years of your life be endless, for we see that you are devoted to Infalliable Acyuta, who is the true maintainer of all the worlds.”

Then they expressed their gratitude, “Aho! Now we really feel purified, for we have heard the enlightening words flowing from your lotus-like face, describing the True Master, Viṣṇu, who is the Subject of Topmost Poetry, and the Illuminator of Philosophers. Lord, it is not surprising that you can govern and provide livelihood for your people, for it is the trademark nature of great people to be affectionate and compassionate to the masses. Prabhu, all-knowing destiny keeps us wandering here and there in our petty tasks, like blind men. But today you have brought us closer to the other side of darkness.”

Finally, they offered their respect, “You are the most exalted and evolved, yet also the most original and primal existence, the most glorious person. Through the philosophers, you nourish the rulers. Through the rulers, you protect the philosophers. Through both, you protect this whole world. We off you our respect.”

– Excerpt from an early draft of Part 4 of

Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive

A translation of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam’s fourth canto [4.21.45 ~ 52 (end)]

By Vraja Kishor

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Beautiful Tales of the All Attractive

are available at


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