Hari Kathā North East US Tour!

Hari Kathā from Vraja Kishor   

Sunday, October 25th

The Ladies of Hastināpur 

Vraja narrates and explains Chapter Ten of Canto One, Bhāgavatam’s first extensive exposition of mādhurya-rasa, and a beautifully vivid explanation of Vedānta delivered through the excited, love-charged chatter of the capitol city’s young maidens.

Draws from Vraja’s narrative translation of Canto One, Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive.

Starts at 5:30pm with Kīrtan & festivities

Tuesday, October 27th

Karma & Freewill
The Bhakti Center, NYC

Is freewill at odds with fate, or are they two sides of the same karmic equation? Vraja will explain the cause of fate and the central spiritual importance of freewill.

Draws from Vraja’s book, The Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology.

Starts at 6:30pm with Kīrtan & festivities

Wednesday, October 28th

Krishna’s Rāsa Līlā
Gopa Kishor’s Jagannātha Mandīr

Celebrating the Autumn Rāsa Līlā and the first day of Kārtika, Vraja will explain the beauty and profound philosophical relevance of Krishna’s midnight dances with the gopīs.

Draws from all of Vraja’s studies, especially Śrīmad Bhāgavatam.

Starts at 6:30pm with Kīrtan & festivities

Friday, October 30th

Vedic Monsters
Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, Philadelphia

76bdbacbc0428a14e3a748690b4d9deeSince it’s the day before Halloween, Vraja will explain the Bhāgavatam’s conception of monsters and their place in  Brahmā’s creation, and will tell the monstrous tale of Rudra’s attack on Dakṣa.

Draws from Vraja’s narrative translations of the Second, Third and Fourth Canto’s. The Fourth Canto is not yet published, but the Second and Third – entitled Creating the Creator and Varāha, Vidura & Kapila – will be given to all attendees.

Starts at 7:30pm (www.PaloSantoWellnessBoutique.com)

Fee: $25

Sunday, November 1st

Kapila Enlightens His Mother
ISKCON of Central New Jersey

Vraja narrates and explains the key sections of chapters 25 ~ 33 from Canto Three, in which Kapila Deva enlightens his exalted mother Devahūti by clearly describing the origin, evolution, and composition of the universe and explaining the most effective means to attain liberation and enlightenment.

Draws from Vraja’s narrative translation of Canto Three, Varāha, Vidura, & Kapila.

Starts at 5:30pm with Kīrtan & festivities



    1. This is the first lecture – Ladies of Hastinapura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxmb5WGV-L0

      This is Kirtan from Philly temple: https://soundcloud.com/unfolding/kirtan-halloween-morning-2015?in=unfolding/sets/kirtan-halloween-morning

      This is the lecture on Monsters: http://hate5six.com/player.php?album=3634670

      That’s what I have so far… there is also audio from ISKCON central New Jersey… just a minute: https://soundcloud.com/iskcon-of-central-new-jersey/vraja-kishore-prabhu-bondage-and-liberation-of-the-soul-110115


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