How to Use Mantra Effectively

Mantras are words.

Words are very powerful things, because words contain meaning.

Meaning is to consciousness what the calorie is to digestion.
Meaning is the thing that consciousness digests and subsists on.

“You are what you eat.” As this applies physically to food, it applies psychologically to words. The words you speak and hear create your psyche.

Mantras, therefore, are very powerful things. They are very special words, conveying very special meaning – and therefore possess the power to reshape our psyche, and thus change the tangible direction of our lives.

The real power in the mantra is not the frequency of the sound waves, the real power is the meaning conveyed by the words. A mantra used without awareness of the meaning in the words can exhibit only a small fraction of its potential power. The ultimate effect of using a mantra this way is simply that the user will eventually be blessed to seek and find the meaning of the words. Then, when we use a mantra with awareness of the meaning, much more of the mantra’s power can activate.

The more deeply we understand the meanings of the words and phrases in a mantra, the more deeply its power affects us.

 Vraja Kishor

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