Pṛthu’s Love Binds Dāmodara-Viṣṇu

The conqueror of the world, Pṛthu, gratefully bowed his head to receive the orders of the world’s all-powerful teacher, Hari. Amazed by the affection shared between Pṛthu’s and Hari, Indra felt ashamed of what he had done, and bowed to touch the emperor’s feet in apology; but Pṛthu had completely abandoned all his anger, and embraced Indra, performer of one hundred sacrifices.

Pṛthu then turned his attention to worshipping the All-Attractive Soul of All, with ever increasing devotion dedicated to Hari’s lotus-like feet.

Finally, Viṣṇu turned to depart. Petrified by the immanent departure of his beloved Hari, the emperor could not say a word. He stood completely still with tightly folded hands and tears pouring from his eyes as he engulfed his inner heart in Hari.

Seeing this with his lotus-petal-eyes, Hari could not bear to leave. His affection for his dear devotee detained him.

Hearing no sound of departure, Pṛthu opened his eyes to see what was going on, but could not see anything through all his tears. Wiping away the tears an incessantly delightful vision came into focus: The Supreme Person still stood before him! Viṣṇu had suddenly ceased his ascent into the heavens, and his feet now touched the earth. Dizzy with emotion by seeing Pṛthu’s affection, he stumbled slightly as he landed, and steadied himself by placing his hand on Garuḍa, who had extended his shoulder to catch him.

– Excerpt from an early draft of Part 4 of
Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive
A translation of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam’s fourth canto
By Vraja Kishor
Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Beautiful Tales of the All Attractive
are available at VrajaKishor.com
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