Is it Kali-Yuga or What, Dear Yukteśwar Jī?

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Question: I take it you don’t agree with Sri Yukteswar’s thoughts on the Yugas?

As you may know, the difference between Yukteshwar Jī’s yuga and the Purānas’ yuga is that Purāṇas multiply by 360 and he doesn’t. For example, he says Kali Yuga is 1,200 years. Purāṇas multiply this by 360 to get 432,000 years.

The reason for multiplying by 360 is that the “years” of a yuga are dīvya years – “years of the gods.” There are 360 solar years in a single year of the gods (each winter solstice is merely another “sunrise” for those who dwell in the stars).

As to the question of whether or not Śrī Yukteśwar was “right” or “wrong” – I think probably the best answer is somewhere in between: he is right in a certain context but wrong in another. In the context of human history, there may a yuga pattern not multiplied…

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