The Earth Goddess Evokes Pṛthu’s Sympathy

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As the earth began to reply, she placed herself at his mercy by bowing to him, but she trembled with fear, for he was as angry as death personified. “I surrender to you, the supreme person,” she said, “whose energy expands into all the various forms and bodies within this world of qualities.

“I surrender to you, whose true form manifests from its own power, is unconnected with the transient and confused substances, actions, and egos of this world.

“It is your energy which created me by the evolution and combination of the elements that emanate from you. It is your energy which enables me to serve as as the home of all beings. Although you have created me, now you display your independence, your lack of attachment to or dependence on me – by standing before me with your arrows poised to kill me. I have tried to run for protection, but where or to whom can I run?

“In the beginning, you created immobile and mobile creatures, and you sustain them all by your own inscrutable, self-controlled powers. You protect and sustain everyone and you uphold morality, but now you want to destroy me. How can this be?

“Oh yes, it’s certainly true! No one can comprehend your intentions, and no one can counteract or overcome what you set in motion. You are incomprehensible! You are the cause, but you have no cause. You are many, yet you are one. You are beyond everything, yet you control everything.

“Your potency is the cause of all causes, the origin of everything: all substance, all action, all will, all sentience, all individuality. I surrender to you, the supreme person, whose powers are insurmountable and incomprehensible. O Great One, you yourself certainly created everything that exists – all the elements, all the tools for interacting with them, and all the internal mechanisms for hosting consciousness.”

Having expressed her exasperation at being unable to understand why her protector and creator would want to destroy her, she now tries to evoke his compassion by reminding him how he previously rescued her. “Oh birthless one, you once went out of your way to protect and reestablish me when you became the first wild boar and uplifted me from the bottom of the universal ocean. To protect all the creatures dwelling in me, you made me like a boat floating on the ocean of space! For that heroic deed you became known as Dharādhara – the support of she who supports everyone.

“But now, over milk, you want to kill me with your terrible arrows?

“Ordinary people like me certainly cannot comprehend the intentions of great masters. Our minds are bewildered by their deeds because we possess merely a fragment of their qualities. We simply offer our respects them, the most renowned among those who have earned heroism.”

– A translation of Śrī Bhāgavata 4.17.28 ~ 36 [end]
From the first draft of Part 4 of Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive

by Vraja Kishor

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