Summary of Krishna’s Pre-dawn-līlā (Govinda-līlāmṛta 1.5)

After summarizing their entire day, Krishnadās Kavirāja summarizes each of the eight segments of the day and then elaborates on each summary. He begins with the pre-dawn-līlā…

रात्रान्तेत्रस्तवृन्दे रितबहुबिरवैर् बोधितौकीरसारी
पद्यैर्हृद्यैरहृद्यैर् अपिसुखशयनाद् उत्तितौतौसखीभिः
दृष्टौहृष्टौतदात्वो दितरतिललितौ कक्खतीगीःसशऩ्कौ
राधाकृष्णौ सतृष्णाव् अपिनजनजधाम्न्याप्ततल्पौ स्मरामि

rātrānte trasta vṛnde / rita bahubi ravair / bodhitau kīra sārī
padyair hṛdyair ahṛdyair / api sukha śayanāt / utthitau tau sakhībhiḥ
dṛṣṭau hṛṣṭau tadātvo/dita rati lalitau / kakkhatī gīḥ saśaṅkau
rādhā-kṛṣṇau satṛṣṇav / api nija nija dhām / nyāpta talpau smarāmi

trān te tra sta vṛn de ri ta ba hu bi ra vair bo dhi tau ra
pad yair hṛd yair a hṛd yair a pi su kha śa ya nāt ut thi tau tau sa khī bhīḥ
dṛṣ ṭau hṛṣ ṭau ta āt vo di ta ra to la li tau kak kha gīḥ sa śaṇ kau
dhā kṛṣ ṇau sa tṛṣ nāv a pi ni ja ni ja dhām nyā pta tal pau sma

As the night comes to an end and dawn approaches, Vṛnda hurridly awakens them with the songs of many love-bird parrots.

The birds recite poems to help them arise from their pleasure-bed; some poems are dear to their heart, and also some are not. The girlfriends witness it all and participate.

When they finally rise from their graceful romantic dalliances, they are shocked to see the dawn and hear the words of Rādhā’s favorite monkey, Kakkhatī.

Although they still thirst for one another, Rādhā and Krishna return to their own rightful beds in their own abodes.

I meditate on this.

The reason some songs are “not dear to the heart” is that the parrots must remind Rādhā and Krishna that they have to get out of bed and leave one another. The fearful words that Kakkhatī exclaims to Rādhā are something along the lines of “Your mother in law might be coming down the path right now, searching for you!”

It is a very magical, fantasiac, wonderful scene – with all the forest animals awakening Rādhā and Krishna.

The sakhīs watch while the animals waken Rādhā-Krishna. They they begin to participate, once the couple has arisen. Eventually they also express pleasant and unpleasant poems to help the couple separate and return home.

The līlā continues in the Early Morning pastimes.

– Vraja Kishor

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