aṣṭha-kāliya līlā summary in one verse. (Govinda-līlāmṛta 1.4)

After the brief introduction, Krishnadās Kavirāja gives a one-verse summary of the entire Govinda-līlāmṛta, the entire day of Rādha and Krishna…

kuñjād goṣṭhaṁ niśānte / praviśati kurute / dohanānnāśanādyāṁ

From the groves to the villiage at dawn
making his return.
Then sleeping, having breakfast, and milking the cows.

prātaḥ sāyaṁ ca līlāṁ / viharati sakhibhiḥ / saṅgave cārayan gāḥ

Enjoying play day and night 
enjoying with his girlfriends
enjoying and moving among them

madyāhne cātha naktaṁ / vilasati vipine / rādhayāddhāparāhne

Then, during mid-day and mid-night,
manifesting delightful dalliance with Rādhā
(And in the afternoon and predawn, unmanifestedly)

goṣṭhaṁ yāti pradoṣe / ramayati suhṛdo / yaḥ sa kṛṣṇo ‘vatān naḥ

Going to the villiage in the evenings
To delight his dear ones.
Thus Krishna reveals himself to us

There are 8 divisions of the day, 4 of the daytime, 4 of the nighttime.

The 1st division of daytime is the daybreak. At this time he returns to the village from the groves and catches a few winks of wonderfully deep sleep. In the 2nd division he wakes up, has breakfast, and milks his cows. In the 3rd division, mid-day, he plays with the gopīs headed by Rādhā. In the 4th division, afternoon, he plays with them in an unmanifest way – he stays in their hearts and minds, but goes externally to play with the boys.

In the 1st division of night, evening, he returns to the villiage, and delights his family. [He has dinner and so on] In the 2nd division of night, he moves to meet the gopīs, and plays with them. In the 3rd division, midnight, his play with the gopis is at its manifest height (as it was at mid-day). In the 4th division the play is unmanifest – they all sleep.

The meter for chanting the sanskrit is: – – – – * – – / * * * * * * – / – * – – * – – (“–” is a long syllable, held twice as long as “*”, the short syllable). The pattern is the same for every line.

The more detailed descriptions of the pastimes begin from pre-dawn.

Vraja Kishor


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