An Introduction to Pṛthu – Avatar of Krishna

“You mentioned that Pṛthu would ‘milk the earth,’” Vidura asked Maitreya. “The earth has so many forms, why would she chose to appear to Pṛthu as a cow? What sort of ‘milk’ did she give? Who was her calf? What did Pṛthu use as a milking pot?”

“You mentioned that Pṛthu would level the mountains to create smooth roads,” Vidura continued. “The very nature of the earth is to become mountainous, so how did Pṛthu manage to level her?

“You said that Indra stole the horse meant for Pṛthu’s hundredth and final horse-sacrifice. Why did Indra do this?

“You mentioned that Pṛthu gained transcendental knowledge from the blessed Sanat Kumāra, the greatest knower of spirituality. What knowledge did the philosopher-king gain? How did he realize it? What result did he achieve?”

In case Maitreya might wonder why he was so curious to learn more about Pṛthu, Vidura concluded by saying, “I am very eager to hear all these wonderful things, and more, because Pṛthu is a previous birth of my Prabhu, All-Attractive Krishna. So please tell me all about Transcendent Krishna who took the form of Vena’s son and milked the earth. I will listen attentively and with devotion.”

– Translated from
Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.17.3-7
An initial draft for part 4 of Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive
by Vraja Kishor

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