Ancient Cloning

Some time later those sages began to discuss things, sitting on the bank of Sarasvatī River after having performed their daily rituals and baths. They had noticed that social problems were on the rise. “Maybe,” they said, “by killing the king we’ve left the leaderless people as prey for dangerous criminals?”

Clouds of dust billowed here and there, probably raised by bands of thieves galloping everywhere as they plundered the people. The sages moved to destroy the criminals just as they had destroyed the king, but when they approached they realized that the citizens themselves had become criminal and were plundering each other. The whole populate had become like thieves in the absence of a king’s governance. If they killed the criminals, there would be almost no one left!

“Wise philosophers,” they thought, “see everything as being equal, and therefore remain neutral and uninvolved. But if this neutrality causes them to ignore the needy, their spirituality is lost like water leaking from a cracked pot.

“The flawlessly heroic philosopher-kings of Aṅga’s dynasty are devoted to All-Attractive Keśava. They should not be allowed to disappear.”

To restore Aṅga’s dynasty, the sages rapidly catalyzed the material in the thigh of Vena’s preserved corpse, and created a very small human. His body was black as a crow, with short arms and legs, big jaws, blunt nose, red eyes, and copper-red hair.

He humbly bowed to the sages, asking, “What would you have me do?”

Niṣīda” they replied, indicating that he should sit, wait, and tolerate his difficult fate. Later this person became known as Niṣāda. His descendants formed the forest-dwelling nomadic mountain-tribes known as Niṣādā. Niṣāda absorbed all the ghastly calamities of Vena. Purifying the corpse.

Then the learned sages catalyzed the material in the arms of the lifeless king and created a couple. The sages were very satisfied because they knew that this couple was an expansion of the All-Attractive. “He is an expansion of All-Attractive Viṣṇu, the sustainer of the world,” they said. “And she is the power of Lakṣmī, who is inseparable from that Supreme Person. We name him Pṛthu, expansive, because his fame as the greatest emperor will expand far and wide among kings. We name her Arci, splendid, because her smile is radiant, and her goddess-qualities outshine the beauty of the most beautiful ornaments. She will be like the sunrise and he will be like the earth. He is directly a fragment of Hari, born to protect the world. And she is certainly his dedicated power, Śrī, taking birth because she is inseparable from him.”

– Translated from Śrīmad Bhāgavatam (4.14.36 ~ 4.15.6)
by Vraja Kishor dās

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