Revisiting Arguments About Vegetarianism

“Plants have souls, too – but you eat them”

OK, that’s true.

Life = “soul”. Anything that’s alive therefore has “soul.” Plants have souls and animals have souls and humans have souls, yes. And so do germs. But the BODIES of different life-forms are different, and expose different degrees of the life-force/consciousness. The human body exposes a lot of consciousness, and plants , insects and germs expose very little. Killing a human is therefore more violent than killing and animal, which is more violent than killing a plant, which is more violent than killing a germ. The idea of Vegetarianism is not to “eliminate” violence but to “reduce” it as much as we reasonably can.

Humans have canine teeth, so they are omnivores

Carnivores have no molars, all fangs. Herbivores have molars and may also have a few sharp teeth to help with splitting the foods.

Carnivores have short intestines. Yes, any body type can somewhat digest anything, but the main diet of a creature with grinding teeth/jaws and long intestines is herbivore, and the main diet of a creature with sharp fangs and short intestines is carnivore.

God said we can eat meat

The bible in founded on 10 principles, the first of which is, “Thou shalt not kill” – not “thou shalt not murder.” The herbrew is lo tritzach which means “no killing” not “no murder” – murder is included in killing, but not visa-versa.

The bible is full of slaughtered lambs and calls for human sacrifice and dominion over all things

A sacrifice is not a “killing.” If not, the fact that the hebrew god called Abraham to sacrifice his son would contradict the commandment “thou shalt not kill” even if that commandment only refers to murder.

Humans do have dominion over the earth. But dominion does not mean the right to exploit and kill. A father has some “dominion” over his family, but this means it is his duty to protect and maintain them, not that it is his right to slaughter and eat them.

Additionally, much of the bible describes things that disappointed and pissed Yahweh off.

Things eating other things everywhere you look. If that’s not what God intended then why is it everywhere?”

This pretends that God is all-powerful and the individual has no will and no power at all. Messed up things (violence, etc) happen because indivduals have quite a lot of power and will, and usually use it selfishly. Not because God gets a rush and a kick from violence.

Things eat things everywhere, but most things eat what is natural for them to eat, and also, the human being is distinguished by its intellect and ability to promote itself above the rest of the world – so to say “well tigers do it, so we can do it too” is really not taking advantage of what it means to be a human. If we are better than beasts, then we really should be better than beasts.

Vraja Kishor

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