Abandon your Family for God?

I’m writing a memoir now about the days when I first became a Hare Krishna, so a context is how [poorly] I treated my mother and father. Today, I translated the last śloka of the 12th chapter of Canto 4, and it’s related:

“O Great Kuru,” Maitreya said to Vidura, “I am now finished telling you the extremely famous, extremely pure tale of the deeds of Dhruva, who as a child gave up all his toys, and left his home and his mother to take shelter of Viṣṇu.”

I would not be surprised at all to hear someone (or even myself twenty years ago) spend an hour elaborating on how this verse supposedly supports the idea that we should give up all our stuff, including our home and family, and try to find God. So, let me, as a more mature guy now, bring up a few points about Dhruva’s deeds…

His mother told him to take shelter of Viṣṇu. He was following his mother’s order, not disobeying or abandoning her.

He focused completely upon seeking Viṣṇu and therefore got it done quickly (6 months). Then he returned to live affectionate with his father, two mothers, and brother. And he spent his life thereafter taking care of his citizens, as a married king and father.

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  1. Vraja , I am surprised by
    You speaking
    “Became a Hare Krishna ”

    is there scriptural support
    For such a becoming ?

    Are we supposed to don a cultural identity ?

    Are you suggesting that
    Being a ‘ Hare Krishna ‘ is so trancendental that such an identity is within an eternal Lila?

    Even if this be the case …

    I am concerned such ‘party subscription’ could have effect of
    Facilitating a group gang culture , that limits individual realization because of the oppression of a ‘group consciousness ‘

    My questioning is trying to get to the point of asking you ..
    Is Krishna consciousness for us potentially thwarted ,
    Our real eternal esoteric bond connected with Krsna
    Held back by a possible distraction of an exoteric pursuit of becoming ‘ a Hare Krishna ‘?

    I don’t see any of the acharyas , any of the characters in the scriptures or even aspiring devotees as ‘Hare Krishnas’
    Why would I wish to be one ?

    Is this a club or fraternity I need to be subscribed to in order to remember and see Radha and Krsna

    ( I speak here not to devalue saintly association , just questioning the notion of what we refer to in New Zealand
    ‘being a patch member of a gang’)

    Any thoughts of yours on this , I will much appreciate .
    I value your individual contribution and service .
    Much thanks !

    A brotherly smile from me to you


    1. Yeah… “becoming a Hare Krishna” is a sort of silly concept, but that’s what happened to me when I was 19 years old. I don’t think its a much bigger deal than that, especially since its in no way a significant point in the above article.

      In any case I certainly don’t avoid thinking of my self as a “Hare Krishna” since I would like to belong to Rādhā (Hara) and Krishna.


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