Interesting Things About the Final Part of Dhruva’s Story

4.12.13: “By enjoying, he destroyed his good karma, and by self-discipline he destroyed his bad karma.”

He was creating no new karma because he was simply performing his duties perfectly (described in the 12th text). So by enjoying whatever enjoyment came, and suffering whatever suffering came (by discipline, by carrying on through it) he destroyed whatever remained of his previous good and bad karma.

4.12.14: “After many years thus engaged in the first three facets of life he gave the throne to his son. His senses were now completely under his control and his mind was extremely broad.”

Three facets are pleasure, [economic] stability, and morality. After executing his duty (morality) for a very long time, enjoying or not enjoying pleasure and wealth according to fate (to exhaust his good and bad karmas) – he was now prepared to turn his attention fully to the fourth aspect, the fourth goal of life: mokṣa (liberation).

4.12.17 “In the shelter of Badarikāśrama he bathed in auspicious water to purify his body. Then he sat firmly, controlled his breath, and withdrew his mind from external perceptions. He concentrated upon an image of the All-Attractive. As this meditation became uninterrupted, he achieved samādhi.”

Very interesting that he utilized a deity (sthūle-bhagavat-pratirūpa) for meditation.

4.12.18 “He could no longer think of himself, for he had attained the epitome of liberation.”

In liberation, selfishness is completely annihilated. It is not that the self is annihilated, but the concept of self as a differentiated, independent entity (from the Superself) is absolutely annihilated.

4.12.21 “He stood to greet them, but became confused and couldn’t remember what he should do. He simply uttered the names of Madhudviṣa, and folded his hands to respect Viṣṇu’s associates.”

The nāme and humility is sufficient worship.

Vraja Kishor dās

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