Anger Kills, Destiny is Impartial

“My child,” Svāyambhuva continued, “these followers of the god of wealth are not really your brother’s killers. It is destiny that creates a person, and destiny that destroys him. That is what creates everything, and what destroys everything, too.”

Dhruva would ask, “Why has the Supreme created so much destruction and death?”

Svāyambhuva replied, “No, no! He is not to blame for it. It is our own selfish ambitions that entangle us in the repercussions of trying to appropriate the beautiful world for ourselves. This world is his energy, and its rules are what creates, maintains, and destroys everything. He himself is equal to everyone. He is everyone’s true essence, true master, and true origin.”

Dhruva broke down in frustration, “I don’t like his rules, which have killed my brother!”

“My dear,” Svāyambhuva said compassionately, “learn to completely accept destiny, whether it brings life or death.”

“Why!?” Dhruva would ask.

“Because destiny is a system created by a person who wants the ultimate good for everyone in the world,” Svāyambhuva declared with a smile, “and also because fighting against it is useless. Even the creator of the world, Brahmā, has to follow this system like a bull follows the reigns tied to his nose.”

Dhruva was silent.

“When you were five years old,” Svāyambhuva reminded him, “you left your mother, with a heart broken by the insults of her co-wife. You went into the forest, and by your disciplines you saw him with your own eyes. Your worship of him granted you a place beyond anything in the three worlds. My dear, free yourself from all this hostility. Compose yourself. Look within yourself and search for that completely pure being who is singular, infallible, and transcendent. Do this, and you will realize that all schism is useless and fake. When you realize this, you will see your true self, and you will see the All-Attractive, who is the very essence of endless bliss and the wellspring of all energy. Supreme, transcendent devotion will flow from your true self to him, and loosening all the knots of ignorance tied tightly by selfishness and self-centeredness.”

Dhruva’s face regained its peace.

Svāyambhuva congratulated him. “You have conquered your true foe: anger. You are blessed! May you attain the supreme blessing! Do not forget what I have told you. Think about it often, King – just like taking medicine regularly to keep a chronic disease in check. People who become possessed by anger terrify the world. The wise, who value fearlessness and who value their true selves, should never let themselves become enrapt in anger.

“Out of anger you killed these pious gods, thinking, ‘they killed my brother.’ What you have done was an insult to the god of wealth, who is Śiva’s brother. Dear boy, go to him right away, seeking forgiveness. Offer your respects submissively and apologize. Do not allow the wrath of great beings to overtake our family.”

Dhruva thanked Svāyambhuva for his guidance, and Svāyambhuva then returned with his sages to his city.

Translation of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.11.24 ~ 35 [End of Chapter]

By Vraja Kishor dās

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  1. Please accept my humble obeisances, please do a video or blog on Anger: its nature/descriptions and how to avoid falling prey to it…thank you very much in advance…Hari bol!


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