Love is the Sadhu’s Path; Hate is the Fool’s

When the bowman Dhruva heard the sage’s advice, he purified himself with drops of water and invoked the Nārāyaṇa Arrow upon his bow. As soon as it appeared that weapon dispelled all the magic cast by the mysterious foe, just as the dawn of knowledge dispels the illusion of suffering. That arrow was pure gold, and its feathers were those of a great swan. When it leapt from the bow it became a multitude of arrows piercing the enemy ranks with terrible noise, like flocks of peacocks flying into a forest.

Persecuted by the razor-sharp arrows falling everywhere, those gods became enraged and charged towards the bowman with their weapons held high – like serpents raising their hoods to attack Garuḍa. But as they rushed towards him the arrows pierced their arms, legs, necks and guts, delivering them to the paramount locus, beyond the realm of the sun, which the celibates attain.

Manu’s Consternation

Manu was very sorry when he came to see his grandson in his amazing chariot killing the offenseless mysterious gods. He approached Uttānapāda’s son with many sages, to give him good advice.

“Enough, child!” Manu said. “Excessive anger is the gate to darkness. It is awful that you have killed these gods, who did no wrong. My dear, your reprehensible deeds speak ill of our whole dynasty. You are killing the sub-divinities who have done nothing to you! One of them offended us by killing your brother. Out of affection’s grief you’ve killed so many of them, just because they are somehow related to your brother’s killer. Sādhus who are devoted to Hṛṣīkeśa never behave like this! This hatred for others is the way of animalistic men who embrace their external body as the true self.

“You worshipped Hari to the extreme, because he is the supreme foundation of everything, the true soul of all beings, and the true essence of all things. And you hope to always remember Hari and his beloveds. So why are you doing such abominable things? Should we think that this behavior is the result of your great vows?

“The All-Attractive soul-of-all is very pleased by forgiveness, compassion, and friendship given equally to all creatures. Pleased by such people, the All-Attractive liberates them from their enthrallment with an externally qualified concept of existence, and grants them uninterrupted spiritual bliss.”

Translation of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.11.1 ~ 14

by Vraja Kishor dās

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