Ancient Mystic Warfare

All of them fled into the city and left the vast battlefield without warriors. The supreme human, Dhruva, wanted to chase his enemies into their city.

“Should we follow them?” Asked the chariot driver.

“No,” Dhruva explained, “who knows what plans those magicians might have laid. They must have set some trap.”

Soon there was a deep rumbling, like the sound of the ocean, and a dust storm closed in from all directions. The whole sky was instantly consumed in masses of black clouds, bristling with constant blinding lightning and terrifying thunder. A downpour of blood poured from those clouds, mixed with mucus, pus, stool, urine, and bone marrow. Severed trunks of human bodies then began to fall in front of Dhruva.

A mountainous craft materialized in the sky, shooting missiles everywhere: clubs, hammers, swords, maces, and a rain of shrapnel.

Snakes with lightning in their breath and fire in their vomit rushed towards him with ferocious eyes. Herds of enraged elephants, lions, and tigers stampeded towards him.

Tidal waves the came forth, flooding all the earth, with horrible noise, like the terrifying end of time.

Dhruva knew that all these countless horrifying visions where just demonic illusions cast by magicians to terrify the weak-hearted. He was undaunted.

Understanding that the demons had cast their very powerful magic on Dhruva, sages hurried to him to give him advice. “O Son of Uttānapāda,” they said, “The All-Attractive Divine who carries the Śārṇga-bow destroys the distress of his devotee and annihilates the devotee’s opponents. Dear, anyone who utters or even hears his medicinal name instantly and effortlessly crosses beyond the reach of death.”

Translation of Śrī Bhāgavatam 4.10.21 ~ 30 [end of chapter]

by Vraja Kishor dās

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