Please Donate to Translate A Simple Gītā into Japanese

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to beg for whatever financial assistance you would kindly provide.

Many of you know that I have written the book A Simple Gītā, and it has been very warmly recieved. I live in Japan and am now working with a Japanese lady who is a longtime devotee (Tapasvinī devī dāsī) to translate A Simple Gītā into Japanese. We have successfully translated to the end of Chapter Seven so far. Tapasvinī is a responsible woman with modest financial needs, and I happily give her donations for the vast amount of time and energy she is devoting to this work. My financial situation recently changed, however, leaving me unable to continue doing so.

This is why I am turning to you for help. Please use this page { } to contribute to this project. No donation would be too small or too big.We expect the project will be completed in 5 months.

Please “like” and “share” this post, that is another type of “donation.”

Thank you for considering this petition for your causeless kindness.

Your servant,
Vraja Kishor das


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