Dhruva’s Amazing Realizations

“Those who strive to create close companionship with people whose hearts covet the lotus-fragrance of your feet don’t have inordinately excessive affection for mortal things like children, friends, property, money, or spouse. Before I met your dear devotee, Nārada, my concept of life was limited to the myriad mortal panorama of causality. I saw only animals, plants, birds, reptiles, gods, demons, and humans. O Unborn One, I could only see the multitudes of external forms in this world created by external consciousness. I could not see anything beyond this. I could not comprehend the Supreme Reality beyond conventional perception and thoughts.”

Hari might want to hear him explain what is beyond these moral phenomenon, so he said, “When time draws to a close, all these mortal forms withdraw into a Personality who sleeps on the lap of an infinite-headed dragon. His vision looks only inward. Then, when the time is again right, a golden lotus grows from his oceanic navel. It is the womb of the world and mother of Effulgent Brahmā. I offer my admiration and submission to that All-Attractive Person.”

Hari might test him, “Which ‘All-Attractive Person’ are you talking about? And how is that person different from the mortal persons you mentioned?”

So, the boy explained, “I am talking about you, the All-Attractive origin of all other persons. You are an individual with eternally liberated and absolutely pure comprehension. You are absolutely centered within yourself, and in complete mastery of the three energies of existence. Thoroughly rooted in your perfect comprehension, you experience no interruption of vision. You see yourself, by your self, with your self. Yet you also oversee the external, mortal reality and become situated within its various permutations as the ultimate goal of all efforts.

“I also bow to the many energies which unfold from you, such as Brahman – unchanging bliss itself, the singular endless origin of everything that exists, including this incessantly dangerous world of contrasts such as knowledge and ignorance.”

Seeing Hari eager to grant him a benediction, the boy said, “Your All-Attractive lotus-feet are the only true benediction. They epitomize the highest goal of life, aspired for by your devotees. You have already shown me this supreme benediction, yet still you want to give me other blessings. How magnanimous you are! How attractive! You take care of us insignificant creatures as affectionately as a cow cares for her calf.”

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.9.12 ~ 17

Vraja Kishor dās


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