Dhruva Attains Bhāva-Bhakti

Dhruva said, “You are the self-energized source of all energies. Entering into me, you energize my latent capacities. Now your internal energy enters me, awakening my capacity to speak about you. My hands awaken and want to touch you. My legs awaken and want to run to you. My ears awaken and want to hear your voice. My skin awakens and awaits your touch. My life force becomes truly alive for the first time, and I breathe only for you. I offer myself to you, the All-Attractive Person!”

Hari might reply, “My dear, before today you also spoke, breathed, touched things, heard things and so on. Why do you say I have newly brought these capacities to life?”

So the boy said, “Before today, I lived and breathed only to touch and be touched by the endless external things created by the amazing qualities of your energy called māyā. Even then, it was you alone who brought my capacities to life. Even then it was you alone who I sought, for you are the Animator of all the things produced by this temporary world, latently present at the heart of everything, just like fire is latent in wood.

Comment: The internal energy entered Dhruva through the touch of Viṣṇu’s conch. When the internal energy energizes the jīva, the nature of that energy (bhakti) becomes one with the jīva and inspires the senses, emotions, thoughts, etc.. This is defined as the beginning of bhāva-bhakti. When the external energy energizes the jīva, the nature of that energy (bhukti) becomes one with the jīva, and inspires the senses, etc. If the jīva is not energized by either energy it is sūpta – latent, inactive, “comatose” in a spiritual sense.

He Nātha! Oh friend of the troubled! People take refuge in you because, when you energize them, their latent intellect will awaken and they will see everything clearly. A wise soul who seeks the ultimate prize could never disregard the refuge offered at your feet!

“Alas! You can completely deliver us from temporary existence, but fools whose delusions completely hijack their intellect come to you for other things. They worship a wish-fulfilling tree just to get some facsimile of pleasure for their own corpses. They worship you to get external sensations that can be found even by animals.

He Nātha! What is the use of flying into paradise? The blade of time will only cut our wings! What even is the use of emancipation into the unfettered latent consciousness of Brahman? For in that state we can never taste the exhilarating joy of contemplating your lotus feet, or hearing your beloved associates discuss you!”

Hari might ask, “Then, do you want to meditate on my feet, or do you want to hear about me from my beloved associates? Which blessing do you want from me?”

Anticipating this, the boy said, “I want to become close with the infinitely glorious people whose spotless hearts are always absorbed in devotion to you. If I have this blessing, then why should I fear anything? Your devotees would intoxicate me by giving me the nectar-wine of discussions about your qualities, and then would be easily able to guide me through the terribly fearsome ocean of existence.”

– Śrī Bhāgavata 4.9.6 ~ 11

Vraja Kishor dās


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