Absence of Distance from God

Relieved of their fear, the gods offered their grateful thanks to Urukrama, the Far Striding Viṣṇu, before returning to their places in the three dimensions. Thousand-Headed Viṣṇu mounted Garuḍa and went to Madhuvana, to see his devotee.

Dhruva’s fiercely intense yogic meditation had revealed Viṣṇu manifest within the lotus of his heart with the brilliance of lightning. But when that form suddenly vanished, Dhruva opened his eyes. Seeing that very same Viṣṇu standing outside him, Dhruva lost all composure and himself flat on the ground, straight as a pole, to offer respect. As the child rose and looked upon Viṣṇu, his eyes seemed to drink Viṣṇu’s beauty. Those eyes seemed like lips kissing Viṣṇu’s beauty, like arms embracing him.

Comment: Dhruva practiced in Vṛṇdāvana, and by the mercy of Vṛṇdāvana was not bound by the stiff awe and reverence of distant worship. Actually, no true bhakta maintains any distance from Viṣṇu / Krishna, nor any object of love. Distance is required only when love is weak. The distance protects the relationship from its flaw, lack of love. When love is powerful, distance flees. Dhruva’s glance embraced Viṣṇu and kissed him while that drank in his beautiful form as if it were cool nectar.

Sādhakas should practice looking at pictures and mūrtis of Krishna with emotion. Dhruva, however, was not practicing. It was an automatic and unstoppable reflex of his fully developed love.

The boy put his hands together, but hesitated to speak because he knew little about Hari. Viṣṇu understood this, for he is always within everyone’s heart, and gently touched the boy’s forehead with his Conch – which is composed of Spiritual Wisdom. At that moment the boy could comprehend how to express himself in words, for he completely understood everything about the Divine Supreme Soul. He then spoke words full of pure devotion and beyond imperfection, glorifying the one who would soon grant him imperishable property, whose immense glories are heard everywhere, for all time.

Comment: An effort is made here to make it clear that Dhruva was not overjoyed because he was about to attain his original goal. He was overjoyed simply by contacting the infinite bliss of Viṣṇu’s beauty. No other objective remains compelling when one experiences Hari’s beauty.

Dhruva was between five and six years old.

Next we will hear eleven verses spoken by Dhruva. It is very valuable. We will hear the realization of a person who practiced bhakti yoga with intensity we could not hope to match.

— Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.9.1 ~ 5

Vraja Kishor dās


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