How to Suffocate the World – Dhruva’s Sādhana

Dhruva soon arrived in Madhuvan, where he completely gave himself to fully worshipping The Personality, as the sage had instructed.

On the first day, he purified himself by bathing in the river and fasting. For the first month, he would eat only wood apple and jujube fruit every third day, just enough to keep his body alive while worshipping Hari. During the second month, every six days that little boy made a meal out of wilted leaves and herbs, to continue worshipping The Great. During the third month he would eat only water every nine days, and completely absorbed himself in worshipping The Subject of the Greatest Poetry. But in the fourth month he ate only air, every twelfth day. Having conquered his breathing, he worshipped The Brilliant Divinity with loving meditation. During the fifth month the prince ceased to breathe or move, and stood on one leg like a pillar, meditating on the Supreme Spirit.

He completely withdrew his mind and senses into his heart, fixing them in perfect concentration upon the beauty of the All-Attractive, and was aware of nothing else. The three worlds began to tremble as he completely fixed his concentration of the Master Person, the foundation of existence and the source of all things. The prince kept standing on just one leg, and his big toe began to push the earth off balance, like a great elephant stepping into a boat.

As he continued to completely meditate without distraction upon the Universal Soul, keeping his breath locked within the gates of his body, the world became overwhelmed by crushing suffocation. The divinities of the world rushed to Hari for protection. “Bhagavan!” they cried. “We can’t understand why no living creature can breathe! We seek your protection, because you are the only one who can protect us from this impending disaster. Please do whatever you must!”

The All-Attractive replied, “Don’t worry. Uttānapāda’s little boy has completely absorbed himself in me. You cannot breathe because he does not breathing. I will go to him and he will desist from his incredibly extreme austerities.”

Comment: This shows that the individual jīva (“soul”) is extremely powerful when in its natural condition of yoga with the Supreme Soul. It shares the infinitude of the Super Soul.

– Bhāgavata 4.8.71 ~ 82 [end]

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