Dealing with Distress

Nārada heard about what had happened and went to see what the boy was doing. Amazed by what he saw, Nārada thought, “Aho! Powerful royalty cannot forget an insult. He is just a little boy, but his heart is obsessed with the ill-words of his co-mother.”

Then he spoke, “Little child, why are you already so concerned about dishonor and honor? Children are supposed to be obsessed with games and play. Dualities like honor and dishonor exist only in our minds, and are not the real cause of our unhappiness. A person who is not bewildered knows that he his different from the worldly results of his own karma. My dear, the wise are very satisfied with whatever destiny brings, because they see it all as favorable to attaining the Supreme.”

Śrī Bhāgavata 4.8.25 ~ 29

Vraja Kishor dās

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