You Can See Him Only When You Use Your Heart Before Your Eyes…

The gods said, “When the previous epoch came to a close, you took within your belly the creation you had created. You are the origin of it all, the personality reclining on Śeṣa – the king of snakes, who floats in cosmic water. Perfected people constantly contemplate you in their hearts, for you can only be perceived directly by the soul itself. Yet now you appear on the pathways of our two eyes, moving among your dependents to disperse our difficulties.”

The divine singers, Garndharvas, said, “The hosts of gods led by Rudra, like Brahmā and Indra, and all the sagacious experts led by Marīci, are fragments of your fragments. This entire universe is just a toy compared to your majesty. Unto you, the Eternal Lord, we offer respect!”

The learned Vidyādhara said, “We attain our desired bodies and then our lame intellect, infatuated with your external energy, claims them as our property and true identity. We wander far afield on ill roads trying to experience pleasure in external objects, because we are bewildered about who and what we really are. Nonetheless, even we can be delivered if we even begin to enjoy the nectar of your kathā.

The Brāhmaṇas said, “You are our true ceremony. You are our true offering. You are truly the fire consuming the offering. You are our mantra, our wood, our sacred grass, and our sacred vessels. You are the true attendee at the ceremony, the true master of ceremony, the true gods being worshipped, the true ancestors being worshipped, the true soma nectar, the true butter-oil, and the true sacred animal.

“As the great wild-boar your tusks lifted the world from the bottom of the universe, like an elephant playfully lifting a lotus. When the yogis glorified you, you roared with your tail raised, and we realized that you are the very substance of the Veda and the entire purpose of all our ceremonies.

“When this religious ceremony was devastated we eagerly waited for you to magnanimously give us your audience once again. O Lord of Worship, people who sing your name in nāma-kīrtana destroy all the obstacles to their worship. Our respects unto you!”

— Bhāgavata 4.7.42 ~ 47

Vraja Kishor dās


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