Transcendent Godhead

The Guardians of the Directions said, “You see everything in the world, but our worldly senses cannot see you. They see only our own delusions. You can be seen, but only when we observe you directly, soul to soul, without interference from external senses. When we look at you with our deluded senses you seem to be among the five material elements, but in fact you are the sixth – beyond the five elements, the true possessor of them all.”

The Yoga Masters said, “Prabhu, no one is more beloved to you than a person who sees no differences between all the creatures in the world. And even more, tender Lord, your affection increases without limit for those who hearts run to you.

“Creatures seem to be different because their infatuation with your external qualities causes them to identify with all the different circumstances they are put into by destiny’s creations, manifestations, and destructions. We pay our respects to the rare soul who relinquishes infatuation with your external qualities, ceases to identify with external situations, and becomes situated in self-realization.”

The Veda said, “We pay respect to you, the origin of reality and source of all its fundamental qualities. Neither I nor anyone else truly comprehends your indescribable extents.”

Agni, Sacred Fire, said, “My ability to burn ignites from your ability to shine. In a proper sacrifice, I can accept five kinds of offerings with ghee, and five mantras. But you are the true recipient of the offering, and true objective of the sacrifice. I offer my respect to you.”

Śrī Bhāgavata 4.7.37 ~ 41

Vraja Kishor dās

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