The Truth About Hari’s Love for Lakṣmī

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.7.34:

The sages said, “O All-Attractive, you alone know how to truly perform sacrifice, for you perform your endeavors without the least bit of interest in the happiness or distress they may cause you.” Gesturing towards Lakṣmī as an example, they continued, “We all worship this Goddess to get her powerful blessings, but you have no interest in such blessings, you simply love her selflessly.”

This is the truth about Krishna’s love for Rādhā, reflected as Hari’s love for Lakṣmī.

Everyone wants selfish results from whatever they do. “Why should I?” and “What’s in it for me?” These are fundamental attitudes rooted in everyone’s ego. On the basis of these attitudes, we decide what we will and will not do. Hari is absolutely void of this egoism. On the contrary he is the abode of prema, which is selfless love. So, none of his actions are done with the least bit of motivation for his own happiness. If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem (or perhaps your bhāva).

The sages point to his love of Lakṣmī as the prime example of this selfless attitude. Everyone loves Lakṣmī in some form or another. But all of us love her because of what we can get from her. Hari has no interest at all in what he can get from Lakṣmī or anyone else. He does not manifest himself in multitudes of expansions (such as Lakṣmī) just so he can get something from them. What sense would there be in that? Why would he take his energy from within, place it outside, just so he could suck it back in? It would be a waste of energy. Useless work. The actual reason for Hari manifesting in multitudes of personalities is so he has someone to love! He needs people, not for what they give him, but for what he can give them. The actual bliss of existence is in love, and he needs someone to love. So he manifests as infinite people, Lakṣmī / Rādhā being the primary (pūrṇa/ādi-śakti).

Everyone loves their own conception of Lakṣmī for selfish reasons, but Hari is her selfless devotee.

May this explanation bring joy to the reader.

The next verse:

Hearing the glorification of Hari’s love for Lakṣmī, the Siddhas became joyful and exclaimed, “This discussion about you is like a river of purified nectar! Our parched elephant-minds, charred by forest fires of misery, dive into this river and forget all pains. As if they have merged into Brahman, our minds cannot remove themselves again from this nectar river!”

— Vraja Kishor dās


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  1. Next verse: Prasūti, the leadress of the ceremony, said, “Śrī Lakṣmī’s very abode, welcome! I hope our humble respect pleases your heart. May your beautiful beloved save and protect us! Oh master of masters, without you our ceremony was bereft and incomplete – just as my husband’s body is no longer beautiful without it’s head.”

    AMAZING!!! Think deeply about what she is saying!!! Her husband is no longer beautiful in her eyes, so may Sri Lakṣmī save her and grant her a place among the maidservants who help her serve the most beautiful husband of all, Sri Hari.

    This Bhagavatam is ecstatic vraja-prema EVERYWHERE, even in the description of Dakṣa’s sacrifice!


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