Brahma Glorifies Shiva

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.6.42 ~ 53 [end]:

With a happy face, Brahmā offered his respectful praṇām to Moon-Crowned Śiva, and then began to speak. “I know you as the Master of the Universe, the womb and the seed of everything, Śakti and Śiva. And beyond this I know you as Supreme Eternal Spirit. Your intrinstic form, the Śiva-Śakti unit, is certainly the All-Attractive one who creates, maintains, and destroys everything, like a spider spinning, using, and retracting her web.

It’s clear that the Śakti-Śiva unit, “Sadāśiva,” is non-different from Viṣṇu. As such it “might” be wise for those who want to be Vaiṣṇava to abandon phobias and aversions to Shiva, his glorification, and his glorifiers.

“It is you who utilizes Dakṣa to establish sacrifices as the best method of attaining prosperity in a moral way. It is you who create the social regulations that Brāhmaṇas believe in and follow very strictly. Auspicious Master, you reward these auspicious deeds with heaven, liberation, and your own association; and you reward inauspicious deeds by covering them in darkness. I don’t know why you have suddenly decided to do just the opposite – punishing Dakṣa and the Brāhmaṇas who were engaged in sacrifice.”

Śiva might simply reply, “I was angry.”

So Brahmā said, “I know it was not due to anger. Anyone who gives themselves wholly to your feet clearly sees you in all living beings and sees that no living being is really different from you. So they almost never experience animalistic anger.”

It doesn’t seem to be clearly resolved yet why Shivajī responded with such intensity. I think the reason is love. He tolerated every insult, but when they caused his beloved wife to kill herself, his rage erupted out of love. Maybe Shiva will explain this, or something esle, in the next chapter.

Śiva might reply, “Is there not sometimes need to be angry with fools?”

So Brahmā said, “People who see differences between living beings become obsessed with selfish ambitions. When other people prosper, anger consumes the hearts of these cruel-hearted misers, and they say vile things to hurt those they envy. You don’t need to punish these misers, because their own deeds create their own doom. The minds of these separatists embrace the bewildering magic of Viṣṇu. When they say and do their vile, selfish things, good souls feel compassion and show forgiveness, knowing the fools are merely in the powerful grip of their own destinies.”

Śiva might ask, “What would you have me do now?”

So Brahmā said, “Your mind does not embrace the bewildering magic of Viṣṇu. Your intellect sees everyone equally. Prabhu, you should show compassion to these soul-less fools obsessed with their own ambitions. The faulty man who conducted that sacrifice did not dedicate a portion of it to you, who are the one who bestows the results of all sacrifices. Respectable One, you should show compassion to him by restoring the sacrifice you destroyed and accepting whatever remains there as an offering unto you.

“You should restore life to the conductor of that sacrifice. You should restore sight to Bhaga. You should restore growth to Bhṛgu’s beard. You should restore teeth to Puṣa. Respectable One, you should restore the bones of the gods and priests, broken by your stones and weapons. Then, let Rudra, who destroyed the sacrifice, accept whatever remains there, considering it his sacrificial portion. Let us do this now,” Brahmā urged, “without delay.”

— Vraja Kishor dās

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