Description of Kailāsa, Part 1

All the inhabitants of Kailāsa constantly purify their births by perfectly disciplined mantra-yoga augmented by the most talented singers (kinnara), musicians (gandharva), and dancers (apsarā). Myriad jewels and colorful minerals ornament the mountain. Myriad trees, vines and shrubs shelter myriad herds of forest creatures. Myriad pure springs flow amidst myriad summits and grottos, where perfected women playfully delight with their delighters. Peacock calls resound. Blindly-intoxicated bees hum. Red-throated cuckoos sing. Love-birds whisper.

Wish-fulfilling trees are like are like the mountain’s outstretched arms, welcoming the birds. The moving elephants make are like the mountain’s gait, and the flowing water sounds like the mountain’s voice.

The mountain is home to so many precious and exotic trees: Pārijāta, Tamāla, Palm, Mango, Kadamba, Campaka and so many others. They produce so many precious, exotic flowers – like golden, hundred-petaled lotuses, so many fruits, nuts, and spices, and so much shade. Amidst the forests of these trees are lakes decorated with red, blue, and white lotuses, as well as with the golden, hundred-petaled lotus. Flocks of birds sing nearby, and wild animals like tree-monkeys, boars, lions, bears, porcupines, and wild cows and asses congregate to drink alongside peaceful animals like small deer and buffalo. On the sandy lakeshores near clusters of lotuses, many tame animals stand beautifully amongst banana trees: cows, goats, horses, and musk-deer.

– Bhāgavatam 4.6.9 ~ 21

Vraja Kishor dās

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