That’s no Dust-Storm… It’s Disaster!

Rudra hurled himself towards Dakṣa’s sacrifice in the vanguard of an army of monsters, roaring with horrible eagerness for destruction and wielding a spear forged of death’s death. Even the anklets on his feet roared!

At the sacrifice, night approached far too early. “What is this darkness?” everyone worried. They discovered that a dust storm was approaching quickly from the north. “What is raising all this dust?” The brāhmaṇa couples began asking one another. “There is no wind. It cannot be raiders, because Prācīna-barhiḥ is still the powerful king, enforcing law and order. There are no herds of cows… Is this dust a sign that destruction is upon us?”

Prasūti and her daughters – who were terribly aggrieved by the loss of Satī – spoke out, pointing at their husband and father, Dakṣa, “This man’s wickedness is certainly the cause of the disaster that approaches! This so-called ‘forefather’ completely dishonored his own faultless child, Satī, while all his daughters bore witness!

“When the end comes,” Prasūti declared, “Śiva’s matted hair scatters, as the points of his spear pierce and scatter the protectors of the dimensions. He dances with weapons aloft in his hands, waving like flags, and his loud, mad laughter is thunder that cracks the dimensions. His anger is unbearable, impossible to even look at! The frowning of his eyebrows and bearing of his fangs destroys the sun, moon, planets and stars. How could anyone, even the Creator himself, expect any good fortune after angering him?

Everyone expressed agreement with Prasūti and her daughters, with eyes full of fear. Dakṣa himself, though very powerful, became afraid as thousands of terrible monsters approached from all sides, on the ground and from the sky. Rudra’s hosts fell upon the huge arena of sacrifice, with reddish scales and jaws of yellow fangs, like legendary crocodiles. Brandishing many cruel weapons they quickly surrounded everyone and destroyed the arena. They tore down the beams of the sacrificial hall, destroyed the women’s quarters, the guest’s quarters, the fire’s quarters, and the kitchen. They tore down the sacred boundary, shattered the offering pots, and extinguished the fires by pissing on the altars. They arrested the sages and threatened to turn their wives into widows.

The gods tried to flee, but were quickly arrested. Rudra’s Maṇimān arrested Bhṛgu, while Caṇḍeśa and Nandīśvara arrested Pūṣā and Bhaga.

They made all these gods and guests watch as they rounded up the priests and gleefully stoned them while they tried to flee, in vain.

— Śrī Bhāgavatam 4.5.6 ~ 18

Vraja Kishor dās

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