Shiva’s Fury Erupts

Nārada rushed to inform Śiva of Dakṣa’s contemptuous behavior, “Your wife has been destroyed, and the army of your associates has been scattered by Ṛbhus that sprang from the sacrificial fire.”

Hearing this made Śiva’s rage erupt beyond all limits. He furiously clenched his lips between his teeth and his matted hair began became blazed like lightning and flame. Howling Rudra suddenly stood up, ripped out a clump of that hair, and laughed with dreadful bass as he threw it to the ground.

When it hit the ground it became a powerful person, whose body rose up and seemed to touch the stars. The black creature had three eyes, each blazing like a sun. Its hair was raging flame, and it wore necklaces of skulls. It had horrific fangs and a thousand arms holding myriads of raised weapons.

Clasping its hands, it asked the Powerful Lord of Monsters, “What am I supposed to do?”

Śiva declared, “You are Rudra, my expansion! You will lead all my warriors to destroy Dakṣa, and his sacrifice!”

Receiving this order from the enraged personification of anger, the huge creature respectfully circumambulated that great god of gods, knowing that he possessed unsurpassable dexterity and power, and was strong enough to destroy any opponent.

— Bhāgavata 4.5.1 ~ 5

Vraja Kishor dās

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