Sati’s Suicide

She who annihilates her enemies then wrapped herself in a yellowish-saffron cloth, sanctified herself with water, and sat silently on the ground in the northern quarter of Dakṣa’s sacrifice. Closing her eyes, she set her sight completely on the paths of yoga: After establishing firm sitting posture, she equalized her inhalations and exhalations to concentrate her energy in her navel chakra. Then that faultless woman used the serpentine energy to gradually and carefully raise her energy upward into her heart, and into her throat. Finally, she fixed it firmly between her eyebrows.

He body was beloved to Śiva, everyone’s guru and the beloved of great saints, and had always sat on his lap – but out of disgust with her father, Dakṣa, she wanted to abandon it. So she impelled the friction of her airs to ignite a fire within her body. Thinking of the intoxicating sweetness of her husband’s lotus-like feet, all her anxiety and troubles disappeared. Then, in a lightning flash, the fire born from her meditation blazed forth.

Seeing this, the earth and sky roared with shock, “Oh no! Oh no!”

The people at the sacrifice pointed in disgust at Dakṣa and cried, “Alas! Satī, the beloved goddess of the supreme god, has ended her life because of the anger he provoked! Aho, what a heartless person he is! He is supposed to be Prajāpati, the father of all animate and inanimate life-forms, but what kind of father is he? Even an ordinary father cares for his own daughter, but this wretch could not show an ounce of concern for his glorious daughter Satī, the most respectful and respectable person! He claims to be a philosophical brāhmaṇa but he is obviously just a cruel and hardhearted man! Because of his disgusting hatred of Śiva, the Supreme Person, he did nothing to dissuade his own daughter as she prepared to commit suicide! The whole world will know him as the most worthless, infamous man!”

As soon as Śiva’s followers had seen Satī suddenly and miraculously cast off her life, they rushed forwards with raised their weapons to kill Dakṣa. Powerful Bhṛgu saw them surging forward and quickly poured oil into the southern sacrificial fire while incanting mantras from Yujur Veda which destroy anyone who tries to destroy a sacrifice. “Oṁ! Ahapataṁ rakṣa!” With this, thousands of powerful divinities arose from the fire: the Ṛbhu, who possess the indefatigable vigor of Soma as a result their self-disciplines. Shining with magical power, and wielding blazing weapons, they attacked Śiva’s hidden, invisible fiends and sent them in all directions.

Bhāgavatam 4.4.24 ~ end.

Vraja Kishor dās

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