Qualification for Rāgānugā

Śrīla Rūpa Goswāmī defines the qualification in BRS 1.2.291-293:

rāgātmikāika-niṣṭhā ye vraja-vāsī-janādayaḥ |

teṣāṁ bhāvāptaye lubdho bhaved atrādhikāravān ||

“One is qualified for this [rāgānugā-sādhana] when he has strong desire to attain the devotional nature of a specific, definite rāgātmikā among the Vraja-vāsī.” 

tat-tad-bhāvādi-mādhurye śrute dhīryād apekṣate |

nātra śāstraṁ na yuktiṁ ca tal-lobhotpatti-lakṣaṇaṁ ||

“The symptom of this strong desire is that his concentration will naturally want to fixate on hearing all about the sweet devotional affairs of Krishna and the rāgātmikā he admires, without any intellectual or moral prodding.”

vaidha-bhakty adhikārī tu bhāvāvirbhavanāvadhi |

atra śāstraṁ tathā tarkam anukūlam apekṣate ||

“If his interest in Krishna needs to be prodded by morality or favorable logics, then he remains without real interest in these devotional moods and is qualified for vaidhi-bhakti.”

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