Curses on Shiva’s Followers!

When Bhṛgu heard these curses upon the twice-born Brāhmaṇas, he retaliated with the Brāhmaṇa’s weapon: an inescapable curse of punishment: “Heretics and hypocrits shall be they who follow the ways of Śiva! Far-wandered be they from the true path of scripture! Lost be their cleanliness! Dulled be their minds! By tangling their hair and wearing bones and ashes they will think themselves Śiva’s disciples, but their true god will be rum! Indeed, what need is there for my curses? You are already such heretics, since you so vehemently criticize the Veda and the Vedists who uphold it for humanity. The Veda are the true “Śiva” – the true and eternal auspicious path. These paths were established in antiquity, and their authority rests directly upon Janārdana, Viṣṇu. There is no need for my curses, because heresy is the natural result of blaspheming the eternally valid paths of the supremely pure Veda. It is in such heresy that you will consider the Śiva, Lord of Monsters, as your god.”

Blessed Bhava listened to Bhṛgu’s curses, but when he heard the mention of Viṣṇu he meekly stood up without a word and left, followed by his followers. Even in the absence of Śiva, Dakṣa, and all their followers, the other creators of the cosmos carried out their elaborate ceremony for a thousand years, keeping Hari as the foremost object of worship.

 – Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.2.27~35 [end]

Shiva sat quietly, humbly through the entire debacle of curses leveled by Dakṣa, Nandīśvara, and Bhṛgu – but when he heard Bhṛgu try to claim that Viṣṇu was solely on their side he wanted to end the situation immediately, to avoid the chance that his followers might respond in a way that depreciated Viṣṇu.

The sacrifice went fine in the absence of the Brāhmaṇas headed by Dakṣa and also in the absence of Shiva and his followers, because those who remained were not a party to either side of the argument, but were simply intent on worshipping Hari by performing this elaborate Soma ceremony.

– Vraja Kishor dās

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