Curses on Shiva! Curses on the Brahmins!

Even after all this criticism, the mountain-dwelling Śiva remained quiet and did not retaliate. Angry Dakṣa, on the other hand, ritually sprinkled himself with drops of water in preparation for pronouncing a curse: “Whenever sacrifice is offered to the gods, Indra and his followers will receive portions but Bhava shall not – for he is a god unfit to be counted amongst the gods!”

The leaders of the assembly had tried to stop Dakṣa from pronouncing this curse, but this only made him more angry, and he stormed off for home.

Śiva was not angry, but his great devotee Nandīśvara became red-eyed and blinded by rage. He pronounced a terrible curse upon Dakṣa and all the Brāhmaṇas who did not protest Dakṣa’s behavior: “You who are so superficial and external that you bear hatred towards Śiva – a Blessed Being who hates no one – will become fools, completely ignorant of philosophical truth! You will make a mockery of righteousness, while actually being completely addicted to mundane pleasures common to any ordinary household. Without any true realization, your comprehension of the Veda will be limited to rituals that promise materialistic, selfish gains. Dakṣa is already such a fool! His intellect is external, and mistakes the body for the self. Not knowing his true self-interest, he is like an animal interested only in reproducing with women. Therefore, he should look like an animal! Let him soon have the head of a goat!

“He has the learning and intellect of an ignorant fool, dull and obsessed with selfish deeds. Therefore he shall suffer again and again in this world of birth and death! And those who tolerated his insults of Gentle Śiva will suffer the same fate! Anyone who bears hatred towards the Destroyer shall become a bewildered fool intoxicated by the honey-fragrance of the Veda’s enchanting promises of material power and pleasure. You foolish so-called Brāhmaṇas will eat anything and everything just to nourish your fat bellies, and you will pursue so-called learning, austerity, and vows just to earn money to lavish upon your body and senses. May you all wander in this world like beggars!”

[Bhāgavatam 4.2.17 ~ 26]

Vraja Kishor dās

PS – Nandīśvara is a synonym for Nandikeśa, who the Purāṇic Encyclopedia defines as: “Chief of the Bhūta-gaṇa of Shiva” saying that he once took the form of a monkey and cursed Rāvaṇa.

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