Insulting Shiva

“Great sages, please hear me,” Dakṣa exclaimed. “Divinities and fire-gods please listen, too. I will speak about the ways of good conduct.”

Seeing Dakṣa staring intensely at Śiva while saying this, everyone became nervous. Dakṣa did not want them to interrupt, so he said, “I will not speak out of hatred, but I cannot ignore the facts.”

Glaring continuously at Śiva, Dakṣa declared, “This one shamelessly ruins the glories of those who protect the worlds! His pride pollutes the paths of good behavior! He accepted a position as my dependent by pretending to be a good man and taking the hand of my daughter in a proper marriage performed by learned priests, with sacred fire and mantra – but this was all a sham! His deceitful, monkey-eyes stole the hand of my honest, doe-eyed daughter! It is obvious that he does not truly accept me as his father-in-law, for he refuses to show me any honor by rising from his seat or even saying anything at all to welcome me!

“I did not want to give my dear daughter to him – for he breaks all rules, follows no norms, and is proud and filthy. Giving my daughter to him was like giving philosophy to a construction worker! He lives amidst corpses, surrounded by horrible ghosts and spirits. He wanders naked, laughing and crying like a lunatic with disheveled hair. He ‘bathes’ in the ash of funeral pyres, and ‘dresses’ in a necklace of bones and skulls from the dead. His name is the only thing ‘auspicious’ (śiva) about this inauspicious creature! Only lunatics would love this lunatic, who protects the most insane creatures! He is dear only to those whose own soul is as dark as his!

“I gave my superb daughter to him – the ill-hearted, impure master of madness – only because our Supreme Leader, Brahmā, ordered it.”

[Bhāgavatam 4.2.9 ~ 16]

Vraja Kishor dās –

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