Dakṣa Feels Insulted by Śiva

Once, the creators of the cosmos assembled with all the greatest sages, immortals, scholar-led schools of philosophers, and fire gods. When Satī’s father, Dakṣa, entered the assembly, the sages saw that he was as brilliant and luminous as the sun, making the entire assembly shine without darkness. Even the fire gods were deeply impressed by his effulgent luster, and everyone in the assembly stood up respectfully from their seats; everyone except the Creator, Brahmā and the Destroyer, Śiva.

Being so nicely welcomed by the leaders of the assembly, the blessed, attractive Dakṣa paid his respects to Unborn Brahma, the guru of all. On Brahmā’s request, he then took a seat. But as he was sitting down he noticed that the gentle but dirty Śiva was already seated, never having stood up to respect Dakṣa. Dakṣa could not tolerate this, he glared directly at Śiva as if he was trying to burn him, and began to speak harshly.

[Bhāgavatam 4.2.4~8]

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