How does Krishna benefit us by being the Supreme Enjoyer?

Q: How does Krishna benefit all living entities by being the supreme enjoyer?

Very nice question!

Why are you attracted to a beautiful woman? A darling child? A cute puppy? Have you ever thought about this?

I have thought about it and come to the conclusion that consciousness needs something to be conscious of. We need something to love – to state it another way. We are not happy without having something or someone we can love. It is the nature of consciousness itself that it is incomplete if it has nothing to be conscious of. This is why we need something to attract and absorb our focus, our attention, our love.

The seer (consciousness) is incomplete without the seen (something to be conscious of).

This is why Krishna manifests so much beauty and charm, and becomes the “Supreme Enjoyer.” The term “Supreme Enjoyer” means “Supreme Beloved” / “Supreme Focus of Attention.”

Krishna not merely seen, he is also the seer. He makes himself an object of our consciousness to benefit us, because he loves us. But primarily he is the original seer and we are the original seen. Because of this, he also, let’s say, “wants a cute puppy.” He also needs something worth seeing. He also wants and needs someone to love. This is why we exist, and this is why we also possess the potential for infinite beauty and charm.

So, there is a reciprocal circuit between Krishna and us. We are his beloved, he is our beloved. We are his lover, he is our lover. He is the seer and we are beautiful to be seen by him. We are the seer, and he is beautiful to be seen by us.

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