Very fortunate Bhṛgu got two sons and a daughter from his wife Khyāti. This marriage represents coming to the precipice (bhṛgu) of fame (khyāti).

The daughter of Bhṛgu and Khyāti is named Śrī, because auspicious fortune (śrī) is both the cause and effect of rising (bhṛgu) to fame (khyāti). This daughter was an exalted devotee of the All-Attractive, because the All-Attractive is the natural root and shelter of auspiciousness.

The sons of Khyāti and Bhṛgu are named Dhātā and Vidhātā, because at the precipice of fame it is essential to remain balanced and sober (dhātā) and avoid becoming excessive (vidhātā).

Dhātā gained Meru’s daughter Āyati as his wife, because sobriety allows fame to endure (āyati). Vidhātā married Meru’s other daughter Niyati, because imbalance and excess causes fame to be fleeting (niyati).

Āyati gave a son to Dhātā. They named this body Mṛkaṇḍa because enduring fame breaks (-kaṇḍa) the force of mortality (mṛ-). Mṛkaṇḍa became the father of Mārkaṇḍeya, a very important scholar who plays an important role in the Upaṇiṣads.

Niyati gave a son to Vidhātā. They named him Prāṇa because fleeting fame is extremely exciting and invigorating (prāṇa). Prāṇa became the father of Vedaśirā, another important scholar who became angry with another sage, and was cursed to become the serpent, Kāliya.

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