A Yogi’s Beauty Salon!

Devahūti felt unfit to live in such a beautiful place. Though she was naturally lotus-eyed and beautiful, after so many years of austerity her breasts and body were caked with dust, her hair was ruined and matted, and her clothes were worn-thin. “O Hesitant Lady,” her husband Kardama said, reassuringly, “Before ascending into this palace, please bathe in the sacred lake created by Śukla. This lake fulfills all desires.”

Following her husband’s suggestion, Devahūti entered the lake, which contains the auspicious waters of River Sarasvatī. Opening her eyes beneath the water, she saw a chamber. In it she found ten hundred youthful maidens, each as fragrant as a lotus flower. When they saw her, they immediately stood up, folded their hands, and said, “We are your maids. Please tell us what we can do for you.”

Those heavenly maids were Vidyādhara with super-human expertise in the arts. They bathed the most respectable Devahūti in very valuable oils, carefully dressed her in spotless silk cloth, decorated her with resplendent and incalculably priceless jewelry, and fed her the most healthy and delicious foods and drinks, including a powerful elixir of fertility known as āsavam.

When the maidens very respectfully brought a mirror, Devahūti saw her effulgent body bedecked with jewelry and dazzling clothing, and decorated with auspicious designs. Even her hopelessly matted har was restored to glossy beauty. Every part of her body was ornamented. On her neck hung a gold medallion and a pearl necklace. On her wrists were bracelets. On her ankles were tinkling, golden ankle bells. On her hips was a golden belt with many jewels. She wore fine cosmetics and her face beamed with beautiful teeth and eyebrows. Her lovely eyes glanced sideways, defeating the beauty of budding lotuses. Her curls of hair were like dark emeralds.

She thought of her beloved husband, the best of sages, and immediately she found herself at his side, along with all the young ladies. Seeing herself next to her husband and surrounded by a thousand young women, she became completely amazed by the extent of his mystical powers.

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