“My dear,” Kaśyapa patiently but firmly tried to explain, “He seems like a devilish fiend only because he is completely impartial to externals. If he were truly a wild creature, great sages would not become freed from the knots of ignorance by emulating his unimpeachable character. Unfortunate people who mock his behavior, ignorant of his deep and powerful spiritual absorption, are fools who think themselves nothing but a material body. Those fools fondle their body with creams, jewelry, and fashion even though it will soon become food for dogs. Anyone who is wise, including Brahmā, honors and upholds the standards set by Rudra. He is one of the original causes of everything. The mysterious power of the world follows his orders. Aho! Don’t be misled by his moving amongst monsters. His character is exalted.”

Śrī Bhāgavata 3.14.27~29

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