Raga Vartma Candrika Notes 1

Text 1 invokes blessings by respecting those who are attached to understanding Śrī Rūpa’s words.

Text 2 is also introductory. It states that this book is something of a sequel to Bhakti-Rasāmṛta-Sindhu-Bindu

Text 3 begins defining the difference between Vaidhi and Rāgānugā

3: Śāstra is the stimulus for Vaidhi. Lobha is especially the stimulus for Rāgānugā.

“especially” (eva) might mean that śāstra is also a stimulus for Rāgānugā, but the primary stimulus is lobha. Maybe he say something about it later.

4: The qualification to practice either depends (respectively) on the stability of one’s comprehending śāstra and ones feeling lobha.

Text 5 begins defining Lobha

5: He quotes BRS 1.2.292: “Lobha arises when one’s concentration naturally goes towards the sweetness of [a certain] bhāva, without prompting from logic or śāstra’s advice.”

He then explains this verse: When one hears about the sweet bhāvas of śṛṇgār, etc in vraja-līlā one feels, “I want those same feelings.” That “greed” (lobha) must come naturally, not as a result of logic or śāstra’s advice. If it doesn’t come naturally it is not actually greed. This “greed” never arises from such things. It arises on its own, and doesn’t take any consideration of “worthy” or “unworthy.” It arises by hearing about the desired bhāva, or witnessing it.

Text 6: What is the cause of getting lobha after hearing or seeing the desired bhāva?

Kṛpā is the cause. bhagavat-kṛpā or the kṛpā of a devotee who seeks rāga.

bhakta-kṛpā can be either from the past or from the present. When it is from the past, it causes one to take shelter of a guru. When it is in the present, it arises as a result of taking shelter of a guru.

He quotes the last verse in the BRS section on Rāgānugā: “The sole cause of lobha is the mercy of Krishna and his devotee.”  


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