It seems that maybe a significant number of people who would like to consider themselves aspirants for Krishna-bhakti don’t recognize that the desire to be free from responsibilities is mukti-spṛhā in plain English. Mukti-spṛhā means the desire to be a mukta. A mukta is a person who has mokṣa. Mokṣa means liberating the consciousness from all bonds and limitations.

The full definition of mukti is not just to liberate the consciousness from limitations, but to attach it to real things. muktir hitvānyathā-rūpa, svarūpeṇa vyavasthitā (Bhāgavatam). The partial definition is simply to liberate it from attachments and impositions.

The partial definition of mukti is antagonistic to bhakti. Therefore Śrī Rūpa compares those who want to be free from responsibilities to those who are haunted by a sorceress.

bhukti-mukti-spṛhā yāvat
piśācī hṛdi vartate
tāvad bhakti-sukhasyātra
katham abhyudayo bhavet  

“As long as your heart is patrolled by the sorceresses of desire for sense gratification, and for freedom from responsibilities, for that long you will find it impossible to taste the happiness of devotion.” 

Devotion doesn’t mean peace and it doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility, it means giving oneself entirely. That is true mukti. Those who seek mukti by giving up their responsibilities will first find frustration, who will introduce them to anger, who will bring them to dwell in stupidity, under whose guidance one will break all his promises and forfeit all his responsibilities on the playground-slide down to Yamarāja’s court.

Those who give themselves entirely to fulfilling whatever responsibilities they have to the utmost best of their ability will find that they are nourished and edified by their responsible lifestyle, and that they are surrounded by love, and soon enough rightfully released from all responsibilities and honestly qualified to accept the responsibilities of paramahaṁsa sādhana.

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  1. Hare Krishna!

    Your posts are always quite edifying. This one is kinda hard to chew, hard to digest.

    Please bless me with some good sense, Prabhu.


    Vamsuli Dasa


  2. Last line of purport 2.2.1 : Liberation is never inaction, but service without human mistakes. Thank you for your service, Mdd


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