Brahmājī on Nāma-Kīrtan

“The best way to turn our affection towards you is by hearing your heartfelt kīrtan issuing from hearts completely saturated with pure devotion. Then we will be able to see your All-Attractive form existing within the lotus of our own hearts, revealing yourself in exactly the shape we lovingly contemplate.

“This kīrtan is much more effective than even the most opulent religious ceremonies offered by host of gods, because the pomp of such ceremonies is still tied to self-importance. Those absorbed in fantasies of self-importance never truly turn their affection towards you, but anyone who abandons the fallacy of self-importance and embraces compassion for all beings can truly engage in your kīrtan and realize you as the Sweetheart of the Most Inner Self.

“I take shelter of you, Birthless One. The qualities and deeds of your avatāra are amazing, but especially amazing are your names! Those who embrace your name with their final breath, out of spontaneous affection or even just by mistake, immediately cast off all the impurities accumulated through countless lifetimes and perfectly attain limitless, immortal nectar!

— From Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, Canto Three, Chapter Nine

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